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A selection of Raoul-related, or simply useful downloads for you. More to be added when site re-design is finished!

Raoul Trujillo Info uses a font called 'Copperplate Gothic Light' on parts of its site. If you are not using Windows 98 (and most of us aren't anymore nowadays), this font is no longer installed as a default font on your computer.
Not having this font does not impair your use of this website, but if you'd like to view things as intended, there are two ways for you to obtain the font: (Please be aware that Copperplate Gothic Light is widely available online and sold at prices from $25 upwards.)

If you are a fan club member, simply email me via the usual address and I will send you the font free of charge, as well as provide you with install help if needed.

If you are not a fan club member, feel free to download the font via the following address, but note that you do so at your own risk as this site is not affiliated with Raoul Trujillo Info and our usual ToS/Disclaimers apply!
(simply copy/paste into your browser address bar to start download)

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