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Interview: Avengers TV Series

This interview appeared in 1999 on the ComicBooksLife Website (website now pretty much defunct)

Sub-Mariner in "Avengers" TV

Namor, the Sub-Mariner makes his first appearance on Fox Kids' The Avengers animated series in an episode scheduled for this Saturday. The voice for the Sub-Mariner was provided by Raoul Trujillo, who spoke with The Continuum Thursday night in a telephone interview.

"It was really great because I'm Mexican-Indian and here I am doing this sort of British accent, and they dug it," Trujillo said. "It's really great doing animation because you really get into the acting of it. It's great when you're sort of a visual-minority actor because it's all about your voice. It's not about what you look like at all. You really just get to go, explore things."

What was Trujillo's take on the character?

"We basically thought of him in terms of an aristocratic, sort of elegant, knowledgeable man," he said. "An aristocrat, sort of, of the deep sea."

Trujillo, whose film credits include Blood Horse and Highlander: The Final Dimension, landed the role of Namor through an audition process with The Avengers voice director Tony Pastor.
Trujillo said he spent a couple of days working on the episode.

"You don't get the preparation for this stuff. Especially up in Canada, where I do a lot of my work," Trujillo said. "You get your script when you show up. And they say, 'This is what you're doing,' and you go.
It's very different than when you prepare for a film or even a TV series where you have the script prepared a couple of weeks ahead of time.
You don't get that kind of preparation.
"So, the director, by the time you get there, is so clear about what he wants, and he is able to translate that immediately. And you get it.
"And again, you have that freedom. There's not all that tech stuff going on around you. You have just the room, the space, your voice - and that freedom.
"I enjoy the process for that because directors come in with such clarity. Tony was able to say, 'No, that's wrong' and give you just the right bit of adjustment and you're there. That sort of spares you the fact that you don't have the preparation."

Trujillo said that Lady Dorma will be appearing in the episode.

"They played it up a little bit," Trujillo said. "They played it as there was something that went on before and there was something unresolved. And there was a bit of tension and yet attraction still. But, without any back story, it was all done within five minutes."

-By Rob Allstetter/The Comics Continuum