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Raoul Trujillo as Senghi Khan in Highlander III
Raoul Trujillo as Senghi Khan in Highlander III
Raoul Trujillo as Senghi Khan in Highlander III

Film Review: Highlander III - The Final Dimension(1994)

Plot Summary:

Alternate titles: The Sorcerer, The Final Conflict
The last incredible chapter of the thrilling action-adventure series, Highlander III: The Final Dimension, finds the immortal Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) destined for a decisive battle with his ruthless eternal enemy, Kane (Mario Van Peebles). Pursued across time by his arch rival, MacLeod must make a heroic last stand if he is to rid the earth of the seemingly unstoppable Kane.

Empire Magazine #67, 1995

The plot may not be any less farfetched, and Lambert's Scottish accent is certainly no more Scottish, but the third installment in the Highlander story finds a franchise at least partially back on course after its lame predecessor.
Set chronologically between the first two movies, this sees Lambert as the immortal swordsman Connor MacLeod, now living in Marrakech. But the Highlander soon finds his existence threatened when the distinctly anti-social Kane (Van Peebles) escapes from 400 years of entombment with the intention of decapitating him. Matters are further complicated by the arrival of curvaceous archeologist Unger who, it comes as no surprise to discover, has been Lambert's French Revolution era mistress in a previous incarnation. The scene is thus set for a return to New York and yet another bout of dark threats, Gallic posturing and swords 'n' sorcery hokum.
The absence of Sean Connery's mentor figure may come as a bit of a blow, and the Versailles flashbacks are ludicrous, but there is some real effort being put in here. Debut director Morahan pulls off a few dazzling special effects and Lambert hones in on a splendidly fitting grim stoicism. Best of all is the camp Van Peebles, who spends the entire movie stalking around and muttering such corkers as "400 years is a long time to hate". Big, dumb fun.
©Empire, 1995